Top 10 Reasons To Be Happy About The End of Breastfeeding

4 May


A couple days ago, I wrote a post about being sad that my nine-month-old daughter is no longer interested in breastfeeding. I wrote it in the hopes that it would help me stop being sad. Well, guess what? It didn’t. Yeah, I still have the sads over this. Not too long ago, my first baby went off to […]

My Daughter Is So Over Breastfeeding, But I’m Not

30 Apr

boobie beanie breastfeeding

My nine-month-old has been less and less interested in breast-feeding over the last few weeks. I feel like it’s my fault. When I started working again, it seemed less convenient to breastfeed her all day long—even though I work from home, so I supplemented more and more until she was only nursing upon waking and going to […]

#JAdoreVoxBox Review

1 Apr

False Eyelashes

I got my #JAdoreVoxBox on Valentine’s Day, and yes, I’m just getting around to blogging about it now. Here’s what was in it, and what I thought of it: A family sized bag of Hershey’s Kisses: I don’t need to tell you I loved these, do I? I was actually going to make an unboxing video […]

#VoxBox Review: Dove Advanced Care Deodorant

1 Apr

Woman Sniffing Armpit

When I found out I’d be receiving the Dove Dove Advanced Care Deodorant VoxBox I was happy because I love free stuff, but I wasn’t expecting the deodorant to be better than any other deodorant I’ve ever used. Guess what? It was better than any deodorant I’ve ever used. I was genuinely surprised at how much […]

Okay, Don’t Caption This! Bathroom Edition

24 Mar


So…about that caption contest…it was not what I’d call a huge success. Some people participated by way of submitting a caption, but nobody voted. I probably won’t do it again unless I want to get the sensation of talking into a void, but I do want to reward everyone who participated by holding up my […]


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