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Will Grey Hair Make Me Look Older? Do I Care?

30 Mar


Can I Be Silver and Foxy? I am thinking about growing out my grey hair — er, ‘silver highlights’. I feel┬áreticent because I know once I do, no one will mistake me for someone in her early 30s anymore. Sure, I’ll still look younger than I am, but not as much. I often wonder why […]


7 Oct


The other night I had a dream that was so unsettling, I’m still thinking about it days later. I walked into a restaurant and saw a friend and her son sitting at a small table for two.┬áMy friend’s husband is gravely ill in real life, and in the dream, I wondered if she and her […]

41 Years Grateful

20 Jul

Birthday Cupcake Candle

Thursday I turned 41. I spent the morning thinking about how neat it is that we as a species celebrate birthdays–that this one day out of the last 365 is special to the people who love me because that was the day I was born. It made me feel grateful to be alive, and to […]

I Found A Picture Of You: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Edition

26 Jun

Red Power Ranger

My last IFAPOY post was a really sad one, so I thought I’d bring some balance to this feature by posting pictures (I went rogue again) that make me very, very happy–pictures of my college-aged son when he was little. Back in the day, he loved the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I mean he LOVED […]

I Found A Picture Of You: Father’s Day Edition

16 Jun

Me and My Dad

I usually spend Father’s Day, and the week leading up to it, quietly seething, feeling bitter, being ferociously angry at my dad, and claiming I don’t give one single fuck. We spent most of my life estranged, for very good reasons. My dad died in May, and this Father’s Day I feel different–and not better […]


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