Elf On The Shelf Status: Santa’s Corner Of Shame

27 Nov

Sssssssoooooo…here’s our sad, neglected elf–we’ll call her Carol for now (though, as I admitted yesterday, we haven’t officially named her or registered her yet). Here’s the story: We were so busy cooking Thanksgiving Dinner Round I, she got tired just looking at us, and she fell asleep on the piano where she alighted early yesterday morning. Yep. That’s what we’re going to tell Elf Protective Services when they come to call.

You may have noticed slightly different positioning of both Carol and the book. This is a good news-bad news thing. First the good news: The Bonus Kids read the book! They care about Carol! Hooray! Now the bad news: My littlest Bonus Kid touched Carol. SHHHHHHH! Carol let him off with a warning, citing The Ten Second Rule. No Elf on the Shelf Magical Recovery Kit required…this time.

Its clear that I need to take immediate steps to extract myself from Santa’s Corner of Shame. Today’s tasks are:

1. Unilaterally make the executive decision to officially name her Carol and register her. Over the course of writing this post, I started referring to her as Carol instead of Elf on the Shelf. Curiously, that has made her more real to me. Maybe making her official will make her even more real. Maybe she will start hiding herself and let me off the hook–who knows?

2. Plan (and actually execute) where and how to hide her tonight so she can be a proud Elf on the Shelf tomorrow.

More updates to come.

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