Will Grey Hair Make Me Look Older? Do I Care?

30 Mar


Can I Be Silver and Foxy?

I am thinking about growing out my grey hair — er, ‘silver highlights’. I feel reticent because I know once I do, no one will mistake me for someone in her early 30s anymore. Sure, I’ll still look younger than I am, but not as much. I often wonder why salt and pepper hair is typically considered kinda’ hot on a guy, but drab and dreary on a woman. Have you seen my greys? They sparkle brilliantly, like tinsel on a Christmas tree!
I’m not sure why the thought of looking closer to my age bothers me–especially when I’m starting to feel more and more ridiculous about the fact that I pass for a much younger woman. To me, it’s the opposite of how it feels to be a little girl playing dress up in Mom’s way-too-big dress and patent pumps.

Grey Hair, Don’t Care?

Ultimately, I don’t think *I* will care whether I look my age or not, but I know other people will. And I know society as a whole doesn’t honor and revere mature women as they do mature men. The question is can I honor and revere myself even when society doesn’t? The answer should be an emphatic, “hell yes” but my response is more along the lines of, “uh…sure, I could try, I guess.” That will have to do for now–even mature ladies have to take baby steps sometimes.

The Long and the Short of It

I’m going to be 45 in July and I should 1) be proud that I lived this long despite my highly rebellious youth, and 2) be grateful for the wisdom, perspective, love, joy and abundance that has come with each passing year. If those things come with fine lines at the corners of my eyes and grey hair EXACTLY WHERE I PART MY HAIR, so be it. Fine. No, really it’s fine. At least I can say I’ve been smiling a lot lately.

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