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Happy Birthday, Dad

26 Nov

Seahorse Father

A few days ago, my mother sent me a text asking if I knew what Monday was. Of course I did–November 25 is one of the first dates I memorized as a child. It’s my dad’s birthday. I have remembered his birthday every November 25th since I learned the days of the year, whether I […]

I Found A Picture Of You: Father’s Day Edition

16 Jun

Me and My Dad

I usually spend Father’s Day, and the week leading up to it, quietly seething, feeling bitter, being ferociously angry at my dad, and claiming I don’t give one single fuck. We spent most of my life estranged, for very good reasons. My dad died in May, and this Father’s Day I feel different–and not better […]

My Dad Died Today: Dead To Me Is Now Just Dead

31 May

Two Beers To Remember

The last time I spoke to my father was March 18, 2006–when my brother died. The last time I saw him was sometime in the summer of 2003. Before that, it had been thirteen years. Before that, it had been two years. Before that it had been four years. Before that, I was a girl […]


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