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Elf On The Shelf Status: Santa’s Not Mad, He’s Just Disappointed

28 Nov

Elf on the Shelf

Let’s start by counting the number of yesterday’s Elf on the Shelf tasks I did complete. I assigned myself two tasks. I completed one half of one task. I did not log on to the Elf on the Shelf website and register our elf–er, I mean Carol. I did not make a grand plan for […]

Happy Birthday, Dad

26 Nov

Seahorse Father

A few days ago, my mother sent me a text asking if I knew what Monday was. Of course I did–November 25 is one of the first dates I memorized as a child. It’s my dad’s birthday. I have remembered his birthday every November 25th since I learned the days of the year, whether I […]

This Just In–I Mean Out

7 Aug

I’ve been MIA for a bit because I was preparing for the birth of my beautiful daughter, who arrived safely on Wednesday, July 31st. It was love at first sight. We’re in the hospital now, getting light therapy to help her process a little extra bilirubin, but we’ll be home soon. I can’t wait to […]

We’ll Induce Labor Monday? Reconciling My Expectations With My Reality

25 Jul


Monday night at 6PM, I’ll check into the hospital and my doctors will chemically induce labor. There is a chance I could go into labor on my own like I wanted to, but that chance is getting slimmer and slimmer with every tick of the clock. When I drafted my birth plan, I was aware […]

I Found A Picture Of You: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Edition

26 Jun

Red Power Ranger

My last IFAPOY post was a really sad one, so I thought I’d bring some balance to this feature by posting pictures (I went rogue again) that make me very, very happy–pictures of my college-aged son when he was little. Back in the day, he loved the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I mean he LOVED […]


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